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Gerry Tierney Unveils the Multidimensional Approach to True Sustainability in Urban Design

Sustainable architecture extends beyond the installation of solar panels and the incorporation of recycled materials, as renowned green architect Gerry Tierney discusses in an exclusive interview. The pervasive adoption of green building practices in major cities worldwide marks a shift from a mere movement to the new norm. With diverse strategies for designing environments and lifestyles that contribute to sustainability, save costs, and enhance well-being, the transformation is evident.

From federally and state-mandated green buildings to the sustainable revitalization of military bases and the rise of infill projects in urban areas, which convert industrial “brownfields” into certified green structures, the momentum toward sustainable living is gaining momentum. Gerry Tierney, a prominent figure at the esteemed international architecture firm Perkins + Will, serves as the lead designer for a groundbreaking project in Oakland, California. The 55-unit low-income housing complex achieved a LEED Platinum rating from the U.S. Green Building Council, the highest accolade for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.”

Tierney provides an in-depth insight into this pioneering project, shedding light on the philosophy of “transformational design” that guided its development. His extensive experience and involvement in Perkins + Will’s major green initiatives offer valuable observations on the broader landscape of greening the built environment.

Exploring Transformational Design: A Conversation with Gerry Tierney

In an illuminating interview on “Eco Evolution” hosted by Michael Gosney, Gerry Tierney delves into the multidimensional aspects required to achieve genuine sustainability in homes, communities, “eco-districts,” and bioregions. The discussion unveils the diverse dimensions of green architecture beyond the visible, emphasizing the interplay of design choices, community engagement, and environmental consciousness.

Listen to the interview with Gerry Tierney here.

About “Eco Evolution”

“Eco Evolution,” hosted by Michael Gosney, is a weekly talk radio show that explores the global shift toward sustainability through conversations with influential thinkers and doers at the forefront of change. The show covers a spectrum of topics related to sustainability, offering a platform for engaging discussions on pressing environmental issues.

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