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Sustainable Media Powerhouse Emerges: Sustainable Industries and TriplePundit Unite Forces

Forging a Formidable Alliance for the Future of Green Business Media

In a strategic move to consolidate their strengths, two leading independent green business media entities, Sustainable Industries and TriplePundit, have officially announced their merger. This groundbreaking union is set to create a dynamic synergy of trusted brands and complementary skill sets, amplifying the impact and reach of both organizations. The primary objective is to establish a transformative B2B media experience tailored for sustainability thought leaders.

The announcement, unveiled at the Sustainable Industries Economic Forum in San Francisco, featuring prominent keynotes from Alex Bogusky and Bonnie Nixon, marks a significant milestone in the realm of sustainable business media.

Despite the merger, both iconic brands—Sustainable Industries and TriplePundit—will retain their distinct identities for the foreseeable future. The digital platforms will continue to deliver content with their unique voices, offerings, and target audiences. Operational efficiencies will be achieved through shared resources and collaborative business development initiatives, culminating in a strategic long-term plan for website integration.

Reflecting on the journey and evolution of TriplePundit, Nick Aster, the founder, stated, “It’s been a long road building TriplePundit as a leading source for information and conversation about sustainability in business. Formalizing a relationship with our longtime ally Sustainable Industries makes perfect sense, and our new team is ready to take things to the next level.”

The merged entity, drawing on its impressive 15-year operational history, is gearing up to unveil a suite of new and enhanced products and services in late 2011 and throughout 2012. These initiatives encompass enriched high-quality content, innovative digital media offerings, essential audience tools, an expanded events strategy, and integrated platform offerings.

In an era marked by increasing competition and dynamism in the sustainability media landscape, this strategic merger underscores the advantages of aligning complementary talents. It aims to enhance the distinctive offerings of Sustainable Industries and TriplePundit, presenting their audiences with fresh and innovative content.

Brian Back, founder and president of Sustainable Industries, remarked, “Sustainable Industries and TriplePundit have organically grown the most distinct, entrepreneurial, and unfiltered voices in green business media. This merger opens both brands up to wider audiences and offers the resources of an experienced team to seize new opportunities and accelerate growth at this critical moment in time.”

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