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Pivotal Investments Unveils Trailblazers in Pacific Northwest’s Clean Tech Landscape

In a dynamic showcase of innovation and leadership, Portland-based venture capital firm Pivotal Investments revealed its latest cohort of “Pivotal Leaders” in the Pacific Northwest’s thriving clean tech sector. This distinguished group comprises executives, entrepreneurs, researchers, public officials, and organizers, meticulously selected by their peers from a pool of over 700 nominees.

Spotlighting Clean Tech Luminaries

The unveiling of the Pivotal Leaders aims to shine a spotlight on the brightest minds driving the clean tech narrative in the region. Embodying both established industry stalwarts and promising newcomers, the list mirrors the aspirational quality of the Northwest’s dynamic clean tech landscape.

Gregg Semler, Managing Director at Pivotal Investments, emphasized the strategic importance of cultivating robust leadership within the region’s vital clean technology sector. He stated in a press release, “There is no shortage of great, clean tech business ideas in the Northwest, but it will take experienced, qualified C-level leaders at the helm of these companies to help them take their innovations to the next level, to attract capital investment and create the jobs our region needs.”

Diverse Talents Driving Clean Tech Advancements

The newly inducted members to the esteemed 2011 list represent a diverse spectrum of talents contributing to the region’s strengths. Notable sectors include building efficiency, featuring luminaries such as David E. Allen, Ash Awad, and Nancy Hamilton from McKinstry, as well as Aaron Goldfeder from EnergySavvy. Battery technology players like Rick Luebbe of EnerG2 and David Kaplan further enrich the lineup. The list also boasts Microsoft alumni, including Chief Environmental Strategist Rob Bernard.

Introducing the 2011 Pivotal Leaders:

  1. Andrea Durbin – Executive Director, Oregon Environmental Council.
  2. David Kenney – Executive Director, OregonBuilt Environment and Sustainable Technology Center (Oregon BEST).
  3. Charlie Allcock – Economic Development Director, Portland General Electric.
  4. Aaron Berg – President and CEO, Blue Tree Strategies of Portland.
  5. Aaron Fairchild – Founder and CEO, G2B Ventures in Seattle.
  6. Nancy Hamilton – Director of Business Development, McKinstry’s Portland office.
  7. Tom Osdoba – Director of the Center for Sustainable Business Practices Lundquist College of Business, University of Oregon.
  8. Jonathan Rhone – President and CEO, Nexterra Systems Corp. in Vancouver, B.C.
  9. Clay Young – CEO, Inovus Solar in Boise, Idaho.
  10. Chandra Brown – President, United Streetcar in Clackamas.
  11. David Helliwell – CEO, Pulse Energy in Vancouver, B.C.
  12. Rep. Tobias Reed (D-Beaverton).
  13. Martin Tull – Founding Executive Director, Green Sports Alliance in Portland.
  14. Chris Ulum – CEO, Agilyx Corp.
  15. Justin Yuen – Founder and President, FMYI, a green technology firm.

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