Scalable Sustainability
API Architecture

Scalable API architecture to support sustainability, quality, and labor standards.

Let’s equalize access to Sustainable Commerce

At least $3 trillion is currently spent on sustainable commerce. It is still too dificult for businesses to shift to sustainable production and for consumers to find sustainable businesses and products.

What is not working :

  • Every certification body and standard setting organization owns data that represents a piece of the sustainability puzzle. But it’s simply too expensive for even the largest organizations to access and verify this data in a scalable way.
  • Data providers (certification bodies, standard owners, etc) rightly value their data and want to monetize it. Yet, in its fragmented state, it is not highly valuable.
  • Retailers, brands, eCommerce platforms and marketplaces need easier ways to verify sustainability claims.
Let’s equalize access to Sustainable Commerce

Expand your services, grow your market

  • Participate in an ecosystem of data providers, exposing your standards and services to a much larger audience.
  • Get paid for checks on product, quality, sustainability and other claims.
Expand your services, grow your market

How It Works


Data consumers (retailers, brands, manufacturers, ecommerce platforms) purchase credits.


Each credit allows for checking claims related to an entity (for instance “Vegan” related to a product).


The data consumer (e.g. a brand) is provided with a digitally signed token of authenticity.


Data provider is paid a small fee for each verified check that requires a digital cookie.

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Easy to use Image

Easy to use

Easy to use for both techical and non-technical data consumers.

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Elasticity provides scalability to millions of users.

Permissioned Image


Acces is permissioned to verified users.

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Shared Governance

Data providers earn into governance rights based on number of verifications.


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Less than 1% of sustainability, quality, and labor standards checks are available over an API.
Let’s change that together.

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